• Открытие нового сайта.
    Finally, thanks to the strong work of our professional staff to your attention a new site Galaxy Innovations Company. We have opened a new website, as love is constantly going forward to improve and achieve success. That's turn came to present our customers with a more modern and user-friendly website. By using this site, one can easily find answers to their questions, and always be aware of all the new equipment from the company's Galaxy Innovations.
      Now web functionality is extended, you will find our dealer for the purchase of your equipment easily, compare equipment using the filter function, leave a request for notification when the novelty will appear on sale.
      Frame universal site and provides the ability to view on the screen at any resolution, from mobile devices to the monitor with a resolution of Full HD.
      Any page can be printed with information on the equipment on your printer in full or save to PDF.
      Available you can download user manuals for the equipment from the catalog and promotional images, as well as software files.
    Location of our office can be seen directly on the contacts page with the help of maps. This card can show not only the location of the office, but also the way in which you can quickly get to it.
    If you personally have to discuss something with Galaxy Innovations company administration, this site contains all the contact information.
    Use with pleasure, it is created for you!
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